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COVID-19 and Real Estate Changes

May 1, 2020


How COVID-19 Will Change Real Estate Protocol in the Future


The recent pandemic of COVID-19 and subsequent shutdowns of most non-essential businesses throughout the country has touched nearly every American life.


Many are questioning how we will return to "normal" in the coming weeks or months, and what a new "normal" is going to look like. Many are taking to social media to express concerns and push for a new type of life rather than the one we had pre-pandemic, saying that what we knew to be "normal" wasn't working, and hoping that life doesn't return to exactly how it was before.


The real estate industry is no different, and it's likely that changes will be made to standard protocol as we return to "normal" life and beyond.


As a whole, people have become more health and safety conscious.


Before the novel coronavirus made its way across the globe, the majority of people were not thinking about health and safety as they walked into public spaces and the homes of loved ones. Now, personal safety is at the forefront of everyone's mind as masks are donned in public, grocery stores have set up one-way aisles, and we've been encouraged to keep a social distance of six feet between ourselves and people we don't live with.


While the real estate market has not slowed down through this time, there has been a greater reliance on virtual meetings and showings throughout all stages of the home buying process. As the future unravels, we believe that virtual processes are here to stay.


"I believe buyers will probably do more online viewing of homes to eliminate homes they want to pass on and then just physically view the ones they seriously want," says John Bellam, Orizon Real Estate's Broker-Manager.


When it does come time for sellers to view homes they are interested in in person, Bellam continues, "Buyers also may want some recent history on the health of a seller before entering a home. Personal privacy is still important, but buyers may be more apt to discount homes where a seller is unwilling to tell if there has been a recent sickness in the home."


Additionally, having listings regularly cleaned and disinfected may become a standard procedure. Sellers have typically kept listings clean to increase buyer interest, but agents may be more likely to suggest and check up on the regular use of professional cleaning crews before entering the home or bringing prospective buyers inside.


Once inside the home, new safety measures will likely be seen, as well.


"COVID-19 will likely make us all more safety conscious moving forward," Bellam says. "Masks, gloves, Lysol wipes, etc., will probably become a bigger part of our safety plan."


Keeping our agents, employees, sellers, and buyers safe is at the forefront of Orizon Real Estate's plan right now during the pandemic and beyond. We hope to return to a sense of normalcy soon, but we also recognize that normal should - and will - look different than it has in the past. We are taking every possible measure to ensure the health and safety of all people involved in the buying or selling of a home.


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