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Moving With Pets

Oct 6, 2020


Tips for Moving with Pets



Moving is such a fun and exciting time for you and your family. As you're thinking about where to place your furniture and how far out to begin packing, don't forget that a move is a big change for your beloved pets, too. Here we have a few tips to help your move go smoothly, for both your human and furry family.


Before the move:


They know when something is up - give them extra love and attention


Animals are smart. They have keen senses and abilities to read their human's mood and feelings. They're also creatures of habit who thrive on routine. As such, they're perceptive to any change in the norm. If you've ever gone on vacation and thought your pet was acting off as soon as you brought out your suitcase, you've seen this in full effect!


As you begin to pile up boxes and remove or rearrange furniture, your pet is sure to notice. This can be stressful for an animal, so make sure to give them extra love during this time and to keep the rest of their routine as normal as possible. If you can, refrain from packing any of their things away until the last minute to help keep some normalcy from their perspective in your home.


Pack a specific bag or box for your pet's belongings


When packing for your furbaby, think about everything that they will need over the next 48-72 hours. Pack these items separately in a well-labeled bag or box so that it is easy to find. Be sure to include food, any medications, their favorite toys, their favorite bed, treats, and a first aid or emergency kit. You want these items to be easily accessible so that your pet can have the comfort of thei favorite bed and toys when you arrive at your new home.



During the move


If you can, bring them over to explore your new home before moving in


If you are doing a local move and have some overlap between your official move out day and when you receive the keys to your new home, you may find that bringing your pets over to the new space is helpful. Introducing them to all of the scents of your new home and neighborhood slowly might make the transition easier, especially if you can spend time playing with them to make their first experience in the new home as positive as possible.


Have someone watch them day of so they don't get in the way


On moving day, the last thing you want to worry about is keeping track of your pets. As doors are left ajar and people are in and out of the home, it's easy for your pet to escape or get injured if they get in the way. The best way to handle moving day is to have a friend, family member, or doggy daycare center watch your pets. When you know your pets are in good hands, you'll have one less thing to worry about on moving day! 



After the move


Expect that it will take them time to adjust


We've talked a lot about how animals thrive on routine. A move is a huge change to that routine, so be patient as your pet works to adjust. Some may adjust to the new space quickly, while others may take more time. It can even take a few weeks for your pet to start acting like him or herself again. Throughout this time, be sure to give them the love and support they need as they learn to feel at home in their new space.