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Home Features Sought By Buyers

Jun 21, 2021


7 Home Features Sought By Home Buyers in 2021


A traditional 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2-car garage is still the gold standard when it comes to the homes most Americans are looking for. But that's not all they want.


The National Association of Homebuilders recently released their report on the features that homebuyers are looking for in 2021. It's clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has had an effect on the sensibilities of homebuyers. Despite obvious shifts in desired features, 67% of people who participated said the pandemic didn't have an impact on what they were looking for in a home.


Here are the features people are looking for as they're buying homes in 2021.




Opening space for conversation and extra room is big for 2021. We've all spent a year confined and not able to see other people.


Open floor plans are a major selling point this year. In the survey, 85% of people would like an open layout between the kitchen and dining room; 79% would like it between the kitchen and the family room; and 70% would like it between the dining room and the family room.


If your home has open areas between all three spaces, you've got one of the most desirable home features of 2021!




The pandemic has caused us to re-evaluate the use of space in our homes. With the new need for home offices, virtual classrooms, and childcare spaces - especially during Zoom meetings - home buyers are looking at houses with a little more space.


On average, people are looking for homes with around 2,000 square feet of space, which is about 8% higher than the average of what they report having currently.




Whether it's to avoid crowded communal laundromats, the convenience of not having to leave your home, or having one place to clean and fold your laundry (instead of behind you in your makeshift office while you're on a Zoom call...) dedicated laundry rooms are a big selling point in 2021.


If you're thinking of adding a laundry room to your home, a basement can be a jumping off point with only a minimal investment. But a dedicated laundry room with a sink and storage closets on either the ground floor or the same floor as the bedrooms is the be-all end-all. 




A well-lit exterior is an affordable and functional upgrade that a huge majority of people say they are looking for in 2021.


Good exterior lighting can accentuate a yard or other landscaping, provide lighting for outdoor activities and serve as an extra security feature.


Exterior lighting with motion sensors are economical and can be added for around $50. More expensive and aesthetic versions are also available.




Patios add extra living space outdoors without the expense of adding on to a home.


These outdoor spaces offer a place to congregate outdoors and can add a lot of visual appeal to the exterior of a home. As a bonus, they can be a relatively inexpensive upgrade to a home to draw potential buyers.




The kitchen is the most important room in any house, and that means that the features in your kitchen are going to be important to home buyers.


Topping that list is a side-by-side double sink. Anyone who has spent some time in the kitchen can attest that having a second sink space when you're cleaning fruits and vegetables or washing dishes can be a game changer. With so much time spent at home in the last year sharpening our cooking skills, it's no wonder that we're continuing to spend a lot of time in our kitchens and wanting all of the most time-saving features.




The number two kitchen feature people are looking for in 2021 is a walk-in pantry.


If we're all being completely honest, we probably all hoarded a little bit of something during the past year. A walk-in pantry offers more space - noticing a theme here? - to store all of your kitchen gadgets, canned goods, and dry goods people like to keep on hand.


Walk-in pantries help clear clutter out of our lives and give homeowners more space in the kitchen, which makes it a key feature people are looking for in 2021.




If you're looking to buy a home in 2021, our talented real estate agents can help you find the right house to fit your needs and your desires. Whether you want an open layout, a back patio, or a walk-in pantry, our agents will work tirelessly to find you the home of your dreams.


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