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Selling Your Home In The Middle Of Winter

Dec 17, 2021


How To Sell Your Home In The Middle Of Winter

You finally got the new job offer that requires relocating, or the baby is due in just a few short months! Whatever your reason, you now find that you need to put your home on the market in the middle of winter.

While home buyers and sellers tend to prefer just about any other season, winter can be a good time to sell a home. Just as you are eager to sell during the quieter winter market, the buyers who are looking are eager to find their next home. They are serious about their search!

But to make the most of selling a home this time of year, there are a few simple tips you should keep in mind. Following these recommendations will help to ensure that you don't make a common home selling mistake and that your chances of a successful sale are greater!

Make Your Home Cozy

When viewing homes during the winter, potential buyers want to picture themselves cozied up in their new home. Make your home warm and inviting by keeping the temperature set to a comfortable level. Place some pillows and throws on display that help a buyer visualize curling up to read a book or watch a movie. Or follow the lead of more than one creative homeowner and make cookies just before a showing so the smell of fresh-baked treats lingers in the air.

Don't Overdue the Décor

While the addition of a throw and a couple pillows can make a living room cozy, you don't want to overdo the décor. If you are showing your home around the holidays, you can still decorate your home, but limit it to the basics. And be sure to take everything down in a timely manner. A tree that was beautiful in mid-December will start to look stale and out of place a few weeks later.

Add Lighting for Darker Days

With the days shorter and the chances of cloudy skies greater, you might find that your home has several spots with dim lighting. Adding a lamp to a corner or some outdoor lighting along a sidewalk can make your home seem warmer, brighter, and more attractive to prospective buyers.

Clean and Declutter

Keeping up with cleaning and decluttering is the headache of home sellers at any time of year, especially when they need to remain in the house while it's on the market. But keeping your home clean and clear is especially important during winter. Ceiling fans that aren't used need to be dusted. During snowy and icy weather, flooring can get water and salt stains that will need to be removed. And winter gear, like boots, can easily be forgotten after they've been left drying by a vent.

Increase Your Curb Appeal with Seasonal Maintenance

Sellers looking to increase the curb appeal of their homes often add rose bushes or other touches to the exteriors of their houses. In the winter, though, enhancing your curb appeal is often more about staying on top of the chores the season brings. Make sure the gutters are clear and the leaves are raked. If snow is expected before a showing, be sure to shovel and salt the drive and sidewalk.  This step will ensure your property is safe as well as nice looking when prospective buyers visit!

In addition, you can increase your home's chances of passing inspection for a sale by completing the seasonal checks of your furnace, roof, and fireplace, and by addressing any issues before the house is under contract.

If you're looking to sell your home this winter, Orizon Real Estate can help you get listed and on the market. Call us today at 260-248-8961 to speak with one of our professionals today.