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How To Switch Over Utilities After You Move Into A New Home

Mar 22, 2023



How To Switch Over Utilities After You Move Into A New Home


It's no secret that moving takes a lot of work, but once you get settled into your new home, it's one of the best feelings. 


Through the excitement and anticipation, don't forget to take the time to make a checklist of what needs to be done as you move. One item that should be high on the priority list is switching over your utilities to your new home. Here's how to get it done.




To help yourself stay organized and not overlook any of the utilities you need, make a list of your utilities. Utilities usually include cable and internet, water and sewer, gas, electricity, satellite, trash, and potentially a security system.  


This can also be a good time to review your energy usage and think about ways you can save money on your utility bills moving forward. 




If you're moving somewhere that has a homeowners association, you'll need to find out what, if any, utilities they cover as part of your HOA fees. Sometimes, HOA fees cover basic utilities like sewage and garbage removal. 




As soon as you're the official owner of the home and have the utilities transferred, you're responsible for paying the utility bills. You, the seller, and your real estate agents can work together to make sure the utilities are transferred right and that the dates line up - you don't want there to be a gap in utilities, so this needs to be a seamless transition between you and the seller. Usually, the seller will pay for utilities until closing. The seller is responsible for giving utility companies a forwarding address to pay any of their final bills. 




If you'll be using the same utility companies as before, visit the company's website or call to update your address and set a date to have your utilities switched over to your new home.


You'll need to repeat this process with each of your utility providers. As soon as you know you have a new home, get started on this right away. Sometimes you'll need to get new equipment or turn in old equipment, like a Wi-Fi router, so it's best to get started as soon as possible. 


Make sure that your utilities will be working on the day you plan to move in. No matter what time of year you're moving, it's a good idea to get your HVAC system connected the day before so it isn't too cold or hot while you're moving.

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