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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need A Realtor In This Market

Apr 5, 2017


Top 10 reasons why you need a Realtor in this market.

1. Ethics- Both buyers and sellers need to know the transaction is meeting all
the required legal and ethical essentials regarding liability and disclosure and
that facts are being honestly relayed between all parties. The Realtor abides by the
Code of Ethics and operates at the highest level of professionalism guiding
you thru the potential pitfalls.

2. Maximum Exposure- A Realtor has the tools to promote a home on the various
internet venues as well as the local and regional MLS providers, national
exposure and various other media. Most buyers have a real estate agent showing
them homes so if a seller wants the most agressive promotion of his/her home and
the highest probability of getting multiple interested parties and therefore the
highest possible price for the property, having a Realtor marketing the property
is the best option. Usually a Realtor pays for themself by getting the seller the 
highest possible price for their home.

3. Professional Service- The Realtor knows the processes of buying and
selling a home including the negotiation, the time frames, the inspection
process, the loan process, the appraisal requirements, the title and survey 
issues that arise and how to problem solve. A typical buyer and seller normally 
do not have the time or experience to jump through all the hoops that are 
required in today's market and get the transaction successfully to the closing 

4. Finding qualified prospects- In today's market the challenge is not finding a 
buyer. There are a lot of buyers out there. The challenge is finding a qualified
buyer that is procurring a loan that matches up with the type of home a seller
is selling. If a buyer is not qualified or if the loan they are getting does not fit 
the type of home they are buying then the property may be tied up for weeks
without success and the seller may be missing out on other more qualified
buyers. The job of the Realtor is to find qualified buyers whose loan type fits
the home for sale. Because of this, the agent must understand loan products 
and the requirement for each type of loan so they can match up the right buyers
with the right properties.

5. Use State approved forms- A Realtor should be using state sanctioned forms
which cover basically every situation and provide remedies for problems that
buyers and sellers have during a transaction. When a buyer is buying a home
they want to know their rights are being protected and their options are available
which does not always happen when using forms a seller pulls off the internet. 
Likewise a seller wants to know their interests are protected when tying up their 
home for weeks while a buyer enters the loan period. Using state authorized
forms guarantees the transaction is proceeding under the best and most well-
thought out terms possible.

6. Organizing time frames- Everything from the time alotted to get a loan, to
the inspection response period, to the closing date, to the possession date, to the
utility transfer has to be negotiated and must fit with both buyer and seller
as the seller must synchronize their sale with their move into their next home.
All of those details are part of the responsability of a professional
real estate agent.

7. Safety- A seller often has no idea who is coming to his/her door as a FSBO
buyer. Having a professional real estate agent allows the seller to have a 
system working for them where a showing must be scheduled through the
company and/or MLS showing system and the agents know who they are 
working with ahead of the showing appointment.

8. Negotiating Power- Direct negotiation between a buyer and a seller can 
often lead to a seller lowering the price too low or the buyer paying more
than they wanted to in the first place depending on which side has the stronger
personality or has let emotion control the moment. Having an agent representing
the parties allows for rationale and clear thinking and each side can instruct
their agent what it is they desire without having the opposite party sitting there
intimidating their decision.

9. Comparable Property analysis. No matter how much a seller wants for a property
or how much a buyer is willing to pay, if a loan is involved then an appraiser has
to determine that the property is worth the sales price. In our current market,
with low inventory, it is not uncommon for an appraiser to cut an appraisal and
endanger the completion of the sale. As professional real estate agents we have access
to all the MLS sales information and it is part of our job to locate good comparable
properties that justify the sales price and help the home to appraise so the sale can
be completed.

10. Getting the sale to the closing table- Real estate professionals are normally paid
only upon the succesful completion of a sale. It is not an hourly paid job but a results 
oriented business. If we do not get the job done then we don't get paid. It is a guaranteed
situation for clients because they know we are just as determined to get everything to 
work out as they are. It is our job to handle all problems and get 
the transaction to the closing table so the seller has accomplished the goal of selling their
home and the buyer has acquired the dream home they have longed for. There are few other
opportunities in life to hire someone and have them work for you hours on end, sometimes
for weeks and months, taking on all your headaches and problems and hurdles and handling
them for you so you can sleep at night and go about your normal activities, and still you know 
that you owe that person nothing unless you achieve exactly what you set out to do. It is the
ultimate job performance guarantee and that is the committment of your local 
real estate professional.