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Pros of Using A Realtor

Dec 21, 2017


So you don't think you need a real estate agent?


Ask yourself these questions before you try to buy or sell a home on your own.


What do you do when......


-You want to make an offer to a seller and they have other people interested. How do you give yourself an edge with your offer?


-You are a seller and several people have interest in buying. How do you pick the strongest and safest offer?


-A buyer wants to buy your home but they need a government loan. What requirements are there that your home has to meet? What will you have to pay for the buyer to secure their loan?


-An inspector gives a list of 20 items of concern with the home. How do you come to new terms on continuing the sale and still protect yourself?


-What conditions on the title work should you be concerned about?


-What if there are encroachments with the property lot lines? Do you need a new survey? Would a Boundary survey or surveyor location report be best? What is the difference?


-Which home warranty programs are available? Is there a difference in coverage? Are their different deductibles available? What all is covered?


-Have all State required disclosures been filled out completely? What happens if not?


-How do I figure prorated taxes that will be my responsibility at closing?


-What if the appraisal gets cut? Will the lender still do the loan? How do we come to new terms after the cut appraisal and still get the home sale to close?


-Who are trusted vendors that can do required repairs so the property is problem free and gets to closing?        


-What if the closing does not happen on time?


-Does a buyer or seller have any hidden "outs" they can claim after an offer has been accepted?


-Can a seller cancel an offer and accept another one if a buyer misses a deadline on the offer to purchase and the process drags on?


-What if there is damage to the property after closing but before possession is handed over to the buyer. Whose responsibility is it to fix the problem and if it is an insurance issue, who pays the deductible?


There are literally hundreds of questions like these that a buyer and seller stumble over in every typical home sale transaction. You attorney will NOT handle most of these. Your lender will NOT handle most of these. Your appraiser will NOT handle most of these. Your surveyor, inspector, insurance agent and even title company will NOT hand most of them either. Only your REAL ESTATE AGENT WILL handle all of these issues and get you happily to the closing table.


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So...If you don't know the answer to all these questions (and literally hundreds more like these) then the answer is YES! You need a professional real estate agent to handle your transaction!