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Putting your home on the market is a big decision for any homeowner and being your listing company is a responsibility we take very seriously at Orizon Real Estate.

When you list your home you are usually entrusting your biggest asset to a trusted agent. You are also entrusting the place you call “Home” to a real estate company. The last place you want to feel insecurity and uncertainty is when dealing with the place you live. And that is precisely why Orizon Real Estate has been the most trusted company that Whitley County and surrounding area residents have hired for over 40 years.

Orizon Real Estate has the tools, experience and sales team to make sure your home sale is done right, for the highest profit, and in the most efficient and trouble-free way possible. While there are always hurdles to cross in every home sale, our agents are trained to find the right buyer, properly handle negotiation, wade thru the financing options, deal with appraisers, handle inspection responses and make sure all the legal work (deeds and clear title) are handled professionally to get you and your buyer to the closing table. Our sales team is not just good at finding buyers, but are problem handlers that take the burden off of you so your transaction is as worry free as possible.

If you are thinking about selling your home, contact one of our professional agents or fill out the form and email it to us. We will be glad to do a Professional Market analysis for you FREE of charge and show you the current value of your home and why Orizon Real Estate is the right company to trust for your home sale.

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